July 2006           (MBA) master Degree In Business and Enterprise Management                             Lyon, France                                           Catholic University Of Lyon – France

  • Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting


July 2002           bachelor Degree In Business Computer Science                                               Beirut, Lebanon

                        Business Computer

                        Pigier – Supec Lebanon


June 1999          BAC II Major: Experimental Sciences                                                                 Beirut, Lebanon

                        Graduate :Mont La Salle College – Ain Saade

                        Frères des Ecoles Chretiennes.



October 2007     Certificate Of Achievement In Internal Quality Audit Course  

                            CPS Middle East                                                                                                 Beirut, Lebanon


November 2003 Certificate Of Technical and Sales Training  For VAV, FCU and AHU

                                    Enviro-Tec                                                                                                          Florida, USA                                                                                         





2008-Present     KBE International S.a.l                                                                                                                                                            Lebanon            Manufacturer of a complete line of air movement products, Air outlets, Dampers, Sound                                            attenuators & Louvers.

Agent for Environmental Technologies Inc (Enviro-Tec) a US Manufacturer of VAV Boxes, FCU & AHU.

                        Position: Gulf Manager / Internal Audit Manager

  • Negotiate contracts for sales/purchases and manage renew, review contracts as required to enable effective trading, operations and customer/supplier relations.
  • Plan, forecast, report on sales, costs and business performance.
  • Manage costs and overheads, and all factors affecting the profitable performance of the factory.
  • Seek and continuously develop knowledge and information about competitor activity, pricing and tactics.
  • Plan and implement marketing strategy, advertising and promotional strategy and activities.
  • Manage cash and payment systems.
  • Plan and implement sales and customer retention and development.
  • Plan and manage sales and marketing resources according to agreed budgets.
  • Maintain administration and relevant reporting and planning systems.
  • Plan and direct the organization’s activities to achieve stated/agreed targets .
  • Recruit, select and develop executive team members.
  • Achieve the Financial Objectives of the company.

2006-2007         KBE International S.a.l                                                                                                                                                            Lebanon           

Position: Quality & HR Manager


  • Develop and implement quality management strategy and plans and integrate within, the organization’s annual business plan and long term strategy.
  • Develop and maintain systems to establish standards relating to activities and products.
  • Establish and implement necessary communication strategy for the improvement and awareness of quality issues across all departments.
  • Report as necessary on changes in standards and on performance against standards.
  • Ensure activities meet with and integrate with organizational requirements for quality management.
  • Achieve objectives and targets and ensure that all activities meet the company policy/ Quality Standards.
  • Develop the corrective and preventive actions and monitor its implementation.
  • Initiate and/or implement corrective/preventive actions as needed in order to provide a high level of performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Manage and motivate staff, recruit staff, train and develop staff,

·         Plan, develop and implement strategy for HR management and development (including recruitment and selection training and development, performance appraisals and quality management issues.)

·         Manage all staff reporting to the position so as to effectively recruit, train, evaluate, motivate, delegate and monitor their activities.




2004-2005         KBE Establishment For Air Movement Products.                                                            Lebanon

Manufacturer of Air outlets, dampers, sound attenuators & louvers.

                        Position: Sales Executive

  • Respond to and follow up sales enquiries.

·         Carry out market research, competitor and customer surveys.

  • Maintain and report on equipment and software suitability for sales reporting purposes.
  • Negotiate contracts for sales/purchases and manage renew, review contracts as required to enable effective trading, operations and customer/supplier relations.
  • Establish the sales plan for effective sales development and performance.
  • Review sales offers and approve discounts and special deals.
  • Ensure the proper communication and relation with the customers and among the PO team and other departments.




2001-2003         KBE Establishment For Air Movement Products.                                                      Lebanon

Manufacturer of Air outlets, dampers, sound attenuators & louvers


Position: IT Manager


  • Studying and implementing network infrastructure including: servers (win2003, win2008…) routers, switches (Cisco, 3com, Linksys…), network topology, firewalls (ISA), mail-servers (Exchange…), Antivirus etc….. Also directs all data and voice communications networks including links to international and domestic locations. Hardware includes Intel, Dell, IBM, HP, Cisco …
  • Planning and developing methods for computerizing a range of business tasks.
  • Providing support of IT hardware, software and networks.
  • Trouble shooting, administration and support of servers, firewalls…
  • Optimum trouble shooting and problem solving abilities developed.
  • Managing the Information system and ensuring the appropriate level of security protection.

·         Processing developed skills that have been gained through establishing and developing full IT projects, networks and infrastructures from initial conception to completion.

·         Experience covers customer liaison, design, testing to successful implementation within budget, scope, timescales and process limitations. Extensive LAN, WAN, Hardware, Software experience. Working cross-functionality within a customer focused,

·          Responsible of repairing, assembling and troubleshooting: (pc, servers, laptops, printers…) hardware and software problems…

·         Repairing, assembling and troubleshooting 🙁 pc, printers, scanners…) hardware and software problems

·         Ensure that all databases are kept up to date and relevant to the business.




1996-1999         Bonjus                                                                                                                          Lebanon

                        Title, Division or subsidiary

  • As the position becomes less recent, you might have fewer bullets for the position. You might condense what were 3 bullets into one. The assumption is that over time you have advanced in your career, and the interesting content is at the more recent positions.



                        Computer Skills

  • Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, SQL, Visual Basic, Photoshop, Internet Environment, Acrobat, Illustrator, Networking, Dolphin



  • Arabic: Spoken, Read and Written: Very Good
  • English: Spoken, Read and Written: Very Good
  • French: Spoken, Read and Written: Very Good